Standing in line to see the show tonight and there's a light on.
Heavy glow by the way I tried to say
I'd be there... waiting for.

© ppercys


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my bedroom

me and john frusciante

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i’ve the best photos on Abbey Road

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Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - November 9th



I don’t have idea of where I should start this, but I guess the beginning was when I decided to buy the tickets for the concert in Belo Horizonte/Brasil (July 11th 2013). I was so excited that they were coming here. And then the day after the concert came, it was November 1st 2013 and I invited a lot of people to a barbecue in my house, people from everywhere came to my house

One of these guys is Henrik and he is from Germany (so far away) until that day I’d no idea of who he was.After the barbecue we went to the hotel RHCP were at, and just a few people got in the hotel (me, Henrik and my mom was one of these people) and we stayed inside for something around 3 hours and when it was 10:30 p.m RHCP got into the hotel and Flea shook hands with every single fan inside and said “nice to meet you” and I took a photo with him (a bad one, he looks mad but he wasn’t) 

Chad just waved at the fans, Josh was running from the fans and Anthony just gave a smile at us with Everly. That was the end of the night and everyone went home, excited for the big day that was the next day. 

November 2nd 2013
I was supposed to be ready for the Drum Clinic Chad was going to have in my city, but my mom made me went to the hotel again (best idea ever) and she was decided that I would realize my dream to met them. And then I went to the hotel and went to the hotel breakfast and guess who was there? 
CHAD AND MAURO! I wait until I see they were leaving and went to talk with them, it was just a few minutes, Henrik introduced me to Chad and I was surprised with the fact that RHCP knew Henrik. We took some photos with them:


Went back to the hotel hall and Henrik was waiting for something I thought it was the concert tickets only, but then he told me it was backstage pass and I just look at him with eyes shining and saying: If it’s more than one, give one to me, please. We waited a lot and then it came:
~IT WAS TWO BACKSTAGE PASSES and he gave me one~
So we went to the place the concert was and went backstage, I couldn’t believe. My first concert and I got backstage. THANK YOU SO MUCH HENRIK <3. The concert was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (for me) and after the concert Josh went to talk with the people who was at the backstage, and I hugged him and said he was pretty (this is idiot, but the only thing that came to my mind) and he said: NO! You’re the pretty one. ~~~ i was dead and mute at this moment ~~~ That was the end of the first part. And I got all these things:


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i failed trying to be an elf

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